LNG Generic and Site SpecificTraining

To meet code and to operate safely your managers and technicians need to know plant operations and what and how to take actions in normal and abnormal situations

Review and Opine on your Natural Gas Systems

Analyze your natural gas system to opine on best practices, reinforcement, reliability and redundancy adequacy.  Provide Expert Testimony on same.

Troubleshoot Liquid Natural Gas Operations

Determine why systems are not operating optimally and making recommendations on how to improve operation efficiency.  Training all shift personnel to use consistent optimal modes of operation.

Develop Management of Change Procedures

For code compliance and for prudent protection of customers and stockholders develop Management of Change procedures and programs to assure safe and reliable operation.

Training the Trainers

Developing training and testing programs that can be sustained and updated after our staff leaves your site. Such programs are flexible to allow for new and/or changed-out equipment.  These programs are designed to be used for new hires or as refresher training for seasoned employees.

Developing a Culture of Innovation and Success

Hardware, training and procedures are of little use unless each employee embraces the mission, values and vision of the company.  A culture of innovation and success determines the future service a company gives to its customers and stockholders. We develop such a culture in our human resource development  

Developing Flexible Engineering Solutions

These include portable pipelines, non-pipeline redundancy solutions to meet peak load days and systems to maximize plant on-line time in a safe and reliable manner.  Developing your human resources to think boundlessly on problem solving while making sure all solutions are rigorously HASOP and PSA reviewed.