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Name: Steven Vitale

Telephone Contact: (917) 751 8084.

Title: President of Vitale Technical   Services Inc.

E-mail Address:

Summary of Experience: 

Dr. Vitale has more than 47 years of experience as a natural gas and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) operations executive, consultant, supervisor, teacher, and trainer. He has been the lead instructor in GTI’s open-enrollment LNG plant operator training courses and the lead Subject Matter Expert in LNG training projects for various clients. His expertise includes the application of engineering principles to plant operations with a focus on safety, reliability, efficiency, code compliance and personnel preparedness.  Human resource development at site specific facilities is a core competency. Experience includes: gas system reinforcement, reliability and redundancy projects, LNG plant design review, LNG plant commissioning, LNG training on import/export/production/vaporization/auxiliary systems/code compliance/problem solving/culture development.


Gas Technology Institute, Des Plaines IL, Senior Consultant, 2004 to present

Dr. Vitale is the lead instructor in GTI’s open-enrollment   courses on LNG Terminal Operations, including a course recently held at ISE   in Madrid, and is the lead Subject Matter Expert (SME) and content developer   for many GTI plant-specific courses, including a four-week classroom training   course for technicians in a new LNG import terminal in Mexico; a two-week   course for new operators of a terminal in Chile; a two-week course for new   hires at a U.S. terminal; and the development of a 15-module compliance training program for a U.S. terminal.


VitaleTechnical Services, Milford PA, President and Chief Investigator, 2004 to present   (often operating under umbrella of Quality Integrated Services Inc.)

Dr. Vitale is the founder and manager of a consulting firm that specializes in providing technical services to the energy industries, with an emphasis on optimizing gas industry operations through problem solving and the introduction of new technologies. (See List of Significant   Projects). 

KeySpan Energy Corp., Brooklyn NY, 1972 - 2004

Vice President and Chief Gas Engineer

Dr. Vitale was responsible for all KeySpan gas engineering and production activities across   four states. This included the operation and maintenance of 14 LNG facilities with a combined storage   capacity of over 9 BCF and 14 propane-air facilities. Dr. Vitale managed the planning and   engineering of a 21,000-mile distribution system. 

General Manager 

Dr. Vitale led RD&D and Engineering programs directing activities of 160 research, engineering, and crafts professionals. He led all activities involving design, research, development, engineering, codes and standards, and new business venture engineering. Dr. Vitale served as domestic and international technical liaison.

Research & Development Manager 

Dr. Vitale led R&D professionals in developing new   technologies for the gas industry. He   was the liaison for international, national, and regional R&D organizations to develop joint programs and technological advances. He served on numerous R&D committees. 

Assistant Manager, Gas Operations   Department 

Dr. Vitale was responsible for operating   and maintaining the gas delivery system (including LNG and SNG plants), and overseeing gas supply, dispatching, and storage activities.

Dr. Vitale held various positions at Brooklyn Union Gas before it became KeySpan.

Polytechnic   University, Brooklyn NY, Adjunct Professor, 1978 - 1983, 1992, 1998-1999

Dr. Vitale taught undergraduate courses in Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Systems, Heat Transfer, Energy Systems, and Thermodynamics. He developed an LNG Plant design project where each student performed a thermodynamic plant analysis followed by a Saturday plant tour. The tour involved visiting a Liquefied Natural Gas Plant and a Synthetic Natural Gas Plant.



  • LNG and Gas an Operators Guide to Thermodynamics published by GTI
  • LNG and GAS II, A Software-Aided Guide to Thermodynamics published by GTI
  • E-learning course on LNG Safety published by GTI
  • E-learning course on LNG Operations published by GTI
  • E-learning course on LNG thermodynamics (developed - not yet published)
  • The New Operator Learning Book – From the Basics to the complex (in preliminary outline stage at present)  


  • US Patent 4,465,092. Valve with anti-removal feature. August 1984.
  • US Patent 4,369,573. Internal pipe cutter. January 1983.
  • US Patent 4,362,035. Lockable closure. December 1982.
  • US Patent Application 20040168620. Underground vault security system. September 2004.
  • US Patent Application 20040154667A1 Pressure regulator with tamper-proof safety feature. August 2004.



  • New York State P.E. License No. 053484-1 Active
  • Pennsylvania Commonwealth P.E. License No. PE060909 Active
  • New Mexico State P.E. License No. 21567 (No longer active)
  • New Hampshire State P.E. License No. 10784 (No longer active)
  • Rhode Island State P.E. License No. 8030 (No longer active)
  • Massachusetts Commonwealth P.E. License No. 43222 (No longer active)
  • Licensed refrigerant handler


Board/Commission Memberships and Other:

  • Machinist   training and experience
  • On Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board of NYU Tandon School of Engineering
  • Member and   past chairman of Pike County Planning Commission
  • Life Member of the Society of Gas Operators