Vitale Technical Services Inc.

Steven Vitale Ph.D., P.E

Technical Solutions for the Gas Industry

  • Training Our Human Resources (code required)
  • Detailed Site-Specific Training and Procedure Development
  • Assuring Safety and Reliability (MOC and Best Practices)
  • Gas/LNG Technologies to Grow the Business (Optimization)
  • Adding Gas/LNG Reinforcement, Reliability, Redundancy
  • Flexible Engineering Solutions (Portable Pipelines)
  • LNG Solutions for the Future (Vehicular, Marine, Satellite)
  • Code Compliance Audits

Experienced Co-Workers

  • Ed Jones P.E., JEI Engineering, Process Engineering Expert
  • Scott Walden, Gas Code Compliance and LNG Operations Expert


Major Co-Working Companies

  • Quality Integrated Services
  • Jacobs Consultancy
  • Black and Veatch Corporation
  • Gas Technology Institute

Major Clients

  • Dominion Energy (Cove Point LNG Commissioning)
  • Kinder Morgan (Elba LNG Training)
  • Williams Companies (Pine Needle LNG Training)
  • South Jersey Gas (Transmission/Distribution System)
  • National Grid (LNG Analysis)
  • New Mexico Gas Company (LNG Site Suitability)
  • Gas Technology Institute (LNG Site Specific Training)
  • Illinois Commerce Commission (Construction Audit)
  • Columbia Gas Transmission of Virginia (System Integrity)
  • Piedmont Natural Gas (LNG Commissioning)
  • Alliance Energy (Pipeline Public Relations Representative)
  • Law Firm of Levey Stieh and Gaughan (Pipeline)
  • Longview Power Plant (Fuel Processing and Storage)
  • Citizens Gas Company Indiana (LNG Audit)
  • QNL Quintero Chile South America (LNG Plant Acceptance)
  • Costa Azul LNG Mexico (Site Specific LNG Training)
  • Canaport LNG Canada (Site Specific LNG Training)
  • Dominion Hope Gas of West Virginia (System Integrity)
  • Pacific Gas and Electric (Portable Pipelines LNG)
  • Columbia Gas of Kentucky (System Integrity)
  • Helms and Company for NYPSC (Construction Audit)
  • Dominion Gas of East Ohio (System Integrity)
  • Eco-Electrica Puerto Rico (LNG Training)
  • AES LNG Dominican Republic